How to Make Freelance Writing Clients Want to Hire You

Many freelance writers today settle for low rates just to get hired. This screams desperation. I, for one, have been down that road before.There are tons of writing jobs posted online, but not all of them are worth taking.I used to settle for less, thinking that it would accumulate into something big over time. However, I realized that there are better opportunities out there for me.

Today, we will be talking about how to make freelance writing clients WANT TO HIRE YOU. Yes, there is a way and it is through this way that you won’t have to make the mistake of settling for less.When clients want to hire you, you can be able to set your own rate and earn real money out of writing, not just peanuts!

Find out where your potential clients read

Is it Forbes, Copyblogger, or Entrepreneur? Find out where your potential clients read and get several of your articles posted there. By doing so, you will be showing them that you are exactly what they need.  If they like what they read, you won’t need to sell yourself to them because they will beg to hire you.

Build rapport with your clients

Get to know your clients, build friendships, and gain their trust through a job well done. Clients will keep coming back to you, offering you more freelance projects. Since they trust your capabilities, you will also have a bigger chance of getting referred to other clients by your present clients.

Give your clients more than what they asked for

In the freelance writing business, less is never more. If they ask you to write good articles, give them amazing articles. If you continually blow them away with your writing skills, you’ll have them wanting to hire you all the time.

Be your clients’ “money maker”

When you write articles that cause your clients’ sales to go up, you will definitely have a place in their business. When you become your clients’ “money maker”, they will trust you enough to write all their written materials for them. It would be best to practice writing persuasive copies as early as possible when you want to get into freelance writing since a lot of businesses make use of these to make sales.

The internet holds numerous opportunities, big and small, for freelance writers like us. One advice that I can leave you with is to NEVER STOP. Never stop looking for ways to get clients, never stop getting your work out there, never stop trying to get noticed by potential clients, never stop improving your writing skills, and most of all, never stop writing.

It’s time to stop bidding for low paying freelance jobs and start getting what you truly deserve. Don’t let yourself settle for less when there is so much more that you can achieve with the right strategies and effective game plan. Be the best writer that freelance clients would want to hire for the rest of their lives!